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Dolphin Stadium gets world's largest 720p display

Marc Perton

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We're used to a lot of companies calling their products the world's largest, smallest, first or most expensive, and most of the time, we're able to deflate the hype at least a little. But in the case of the newly unveiled display at Miami's Dolphin Stadium, we may just have to hand it to them: the 720p display is a whopping 137 feet wide by 50 feet high, making its diagonal dimensions 1,750 inches. So, when stadium officials boast that it's the world's largest HD display, we really don't think we can argue with them (though we do take issue with their removal of the "s" -- but that's another story). Sort of makes those 103-inchers we were just drooling over seem kind of tiny. Then again, we're not quite sure where we could put a 1,750-incher if we actually had a chance to get one for ourselves, so a 103 will do us just fine, thanks.

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