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Official iPod Emmy Awards announced


I had to read that a couple of times myself. The National Television Academy has announced the very first Emmy award for the internet, cell phones and iPods. According to the press release, the award will be "...presented for original entertainment programming created specifically for non-traditional viewing platforms, including computers, mobile phones, iPods, PDAs and similar devices."

Are you wondering just who the nominees are? Wonder no more:

  • 24: Conspiracy by Fox Mobile Entertainment
  • It's Jerrytime! produced by Ozone Inc.
  • Live 8 on AOL produced by America Online
  • mtvU Stand In produced by MTV Networks' mtvU
  • Sophie Chase produced by CBS Films, Inc
  • Stranger Adventures "Helem Beaumont."
Since the award is intended to recognize "...original entertainment content" created for mobile devices, will independent productions be considered? We shall see. Now pass the popcorn.

[Via Cult of Mac]

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