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Readers pick best webcomic (April 2 - 8, 2006)

Ross Miller


That is the only reaction we can give to poor Chris, the author of Digital Unrest, whose server we crashed after nominating him for the Weekly Webcomic Wrapup. While I'm sure he appreciates the exposure, our "linkage raped the meagor servor [sic] resources I had dedicated to my site" (according to his comment left over the weekend). Still, we liked his comic and we have uploaded it to our own servers so everyone can enjoy -- so, click here and enjoy.

Of the 5 remaining contestants, Ctrl Alt Del's satire on the retail industry took the top spot, followed by Mac Hall and Dueling Analogs in second and third, respectively. Thanks to everyone who voted, and be sure to let us know of any game-related webcomic that you stumble upon this week! (We will try to host the strips of any lesser-known webcomics who fears for their server.)

Here's the breakdown:

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