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Ubisoft confirms Red Steel, Revolution exclusive


Ubisoft has officially announced Red Steel for the Nintendo Revolution. The game's existence was leaked late last week from the unpublished pages of Game Informer. As reported then, Red Steel will feature motion-controlled sword- and gunplay utilizing the Revolution controller's unique functionality. Ubisoft's chief creative officer Serge Hascoet confirmed that the title would be exclusive to Nintendo's next-gen platform, stating, "We have been working closely with Nintendo to take full advantage of the innovative controller to create a thrilling experience that can only exist on the Revolution."

Today, Ubisoft revealed its intention to turn Red Steel into an ongoing franchise, with the first title joining the Revolution's launch lineup. The game is set in contemporary Japan where players must master both "the ancient art of the katana" and modern firearms. Ubisoft also confirmed that Red Steel would be on display at E3 next month.

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