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Universal to release Serenity on HD-DVD on 4/18/06

Ben Drawbaugh

It appears that HD-DVD's secret weapon is about to enter into the game. You can say what you want about either format, but in the end it comes down to titles. People will buy the format with the titles they want to see and two of the biggest players in the movie industry are backing HD-DVD at least partially. Universal which is the only non Blu-Ray supporter is bringing out the first heavy hitter, a title that people are actually excited about; Serenity. Although it is not a block buster title like King Kong it is the hottest movie to be announced for either format to date. The entire basis of my HD-DVD will die prediction is based on the lack of quality content and if these types of titles continue to be released, I will be proved wrong. This only gets more interesting by the day and I for one can't wait to see which titles make it to market first. With just over 60 days till Blu-Ray is released HD-DVD has a good chance to get a good head start, but 4 movies (of which one new release) isn't going to be enough.

Do you think the studios will save HD-DVD?

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