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Hitman: Blood Money gets a ship date

Adams Briscoe

Xbox 360 owners got a real treat not too long ago when we found out Hitman: Blood Money will not only be making it to the current-gen consoles but the 360 as well. Today Eidos has come out and said that May 26th is the day in which our infamous cleaner makes his debut on next-gen territory.

So with this title coming out on PC, PS2 and Xbox, most gamers want to know whether or not the 360 version will be just a fancy port or provide a little something more. We know how some ported titles don't exactly live up to the next-gen hype (*cough* GUN *cough*). It'd be a crying shame to see this happen to the Hitman series. Here's hoping we don't see an easy cop-out from IO Interactive.

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