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Korea's Iljin Display promises phone projectors next year


Most of these projects to squeeze a projector into your phone seem to be all talk and no projection, but this new effort for Iljin Display seems to be, dare we say it, grounded in reality. So far they've only got a prototype of their coin-sized unit on display, which can throw a 7-inch color image onto a wall, but they've got deals with Samsung and LG to start including projectors in phones starting next April. Iljin apparently hasn't been just playing around with the idea, with 156 million US invested in their Single LCD Panel tech so far, and they see projectors making their way to five percent of handsets by 2010, of which they hope to have a 30 percent market share. If everything pans out we might not have to wait quite as long as we thought to start projecting our own in-flight movies, but we'll believe it when we see it.


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