New PVPro mini projector has no moving parts

We've seen these mini projector technologies popping up all over, but it's nice to see a working prototype, even if this PVPro unit from Light Blue Optics is merely a monochrome version. The projector is targeted at eventual use with cellphones and the video iPod, and includes no moving parts, skipping over prisms and glass to use lasers for imaging. The unit also has "infinite focus," which purports to need no adjustment to optics for the image to be in focus, no matter what the distance. We're glad to hear they don't have a need for most of the traditional heat causing and energy wasting components of a projector, but we'd like to know how the device works beyond "laz0rs," "computational algorithms," and "novel optical techniques." We guess they have a while to work all that out, because even though they'll have a color version out this year, we won't be seeing the device for sale for another "two to four years."

[Via HD Beat]