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Using iCalShare calendars with Google Calendar


Yesterday, Scott showed us how to use iCal to subscribe to calendars created with Google Calendar (let's just say "gCal" to keep it short). Today we go in the other direction: How to use gCal to subscribe to iCal calendars. For the sake of this post, I'm using iCalShare to find a calendar I want to add to gCal. Specifically, the Boston Red Sox 2006 season schedule (Go Sox!). You can read more after the jump.

First, go to iCalShare and locate the calendar you want added to your gCal. There are legions of calendars available, so finding one (or more) should be pretty easy. Once you've found one you like, right-click (or control-click) on the "Subscribe" link and copy the link's address to your clipboard (simply left-clicking on the link will launch iCal). Now that you've got it, we're on to step two.

Set yourself up with a gCal calendar. Using a browser other than Safari, go to and get yourself set up. Next, click "Manage Calendars" on the left hand side (see image at right). A new window appears. On the right hand side, click "Add Calendar."

At this point, a new window appears entitled "Add Other Calendar." Click "Public Calendar Address." Now you're presented with a field labeled "Public Calendar Address," and the rest is as simple as pasting the address you grabbed earlier into that field and clicking "Add." Done!

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