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Dungeon 2 Armor Quests


So, by now I imagine everyone has heard about the Dungeon 2 armor sets - and the lengthy quest chain involved in acquiring them.  The quests, while both expensive (plan on spending around 350 gold at minimum - if you farm and craft (or have friends who can craft) all of the required reagents.  But if you're prepared to try your hand at this quest chain, grab your Dungeon 1 set bracers and head over to the Ironforge throne room (for Alliance) or Thrall's Chambers (for Horde) to get started.  And if you need help from there, this thread in the quest forums and this post on WoWWiki provide thorough walk-throughs of the chain.  Stuck on the required 45-minute Stratholme run?  Check this video for some guidance.

Anyone out there done these quests already?  Anyone trying?  What do you think of them?  Myself, I'm just before the Stratholme portion, slowly gathering materials.  While the quests are long, the gear is of high quality and I personally really like the look of the set art - yes, it's only a slight revision from the Dungeon 1 art, but I like it a lot.  I could complain that all of the sets lean heavily towards hybridization - so, for example, my priest's dungeon 2 set is neither extremely good for healing nor extremely good for damage dealing, but the set is fairly well-rounded and useful in either situation, though you can find better individual pieces to specialize in either.  This may or may not suit your play-style.

[Thanks to Dave for a couple of these links.]

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