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NiGHTS Into Dreams, onto Revolution?

Ross Miller

Could this beloved Saturn title float its way onto the Revolution? According to the latest Famitsu, there is a possibility Sega could bring NiGHTS Into Dreams to Nintendo's next-generation offering, either via its Virtual Console or as a sequel. The original game's controls would be a perfect fit for the RevMote: a flick of the wrist to point what direction you want your featherweight protagonist to fly in a pseudo-3D world (the game was in 3D but you moved your character very much like a side scroller).

As recent as 2000, NiGHTS creator Yuji Naka went on the record saying he would not make a sequel to the game, since the original is so perfect: "Like the way Spielberg likes E.T. so much he won't remake it, I don't want to make another NiGHTS." However, in 2003, Naka expressed interest in making a sequel to NiGHTS as a way to "reinforce Sega's identity." We would love to see another NiGHTS and, given Sega's close relationship with Nintendo, we are very hopeful this rumor becomes a reality -- if not as a sequel, then at least as a Virtual Console download modified to utilize Nintendo's RevMote.

[Via Infendo]

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