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Weekly Webcomic Wrapup (April 16 - 22, 2006)

Ross Miller

This was a very hard week for us, honestly, because there were least a dozen comics that made us laugh. You may not agree with our choices or sense of humor, so that is why we have enlisted a Giant Lizard monster, the Stiq-osaurus (thanks, Chris), for protection. Also, thanks to Sense for this amusing political cartoon that can be construed as games related. Here are our picks for the best game-related webcomics of the week, be sure to vote for your favorite!*

What Jaws and joysticks now have in common
The 112th critique about Kingdom Hearts II's difficulty
Sadly, I still do this. All the time. I need to grow up.
Please note of the snake on a plane. Thank you.
Super Monkey Vertigo!
* All dissenters are welcomed to leave comments below ... not like we need to give you permission, we just thought it'd be nice to encourage.

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