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Is Viiv living up to the hype?

Matt Burns

Viiv. Do you even know what it is. For starters it is somewhat like Centrino was to laptops a few years ago. Viiv is a combination of hardware that allows consumers to easily view and stream digital media. Intel introduced this last year at CES with a cool box that would look great in any equipment rack. But go into any major electronic store and seek out their Viiv systems. (if you can find one) HP has a desktop that is just a desktop filled with a few web clips and digital media files. Nothing special to us.

So where are all the cool Viiv products? Well, for one, remember that Onkyo media center. That's one. We are sure more is to come but this is a home entertainment product that someone like Onkyo or TIVO would be great at making. There is more to come and hopefully penetrate into homes.

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