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Samsung's SGH-T509 reviewed


The Samsung SGH-T509 we expect to hit T-Mobile anyday now just nabbed a "very good" rating over at c|net. While that uber-thin, 0.39-inch shell might draw in the eye, in the hand it "feels fragile" (though it emerged from a couple of drop tests without any damage) and suffers from "mixed call quality." However, those good looks, a "bright vibrant" 1.8-inch TFT display, solid feature set, EDGE support, and tested 4.5 hours of talk time resulted in a 7/10 rating from the reviewer who calls the T509 "a step above" that other slim candybar, the Moto SLVR L6.

Update: Thanks to tipster Alex for pointing out that T-Mo is now offering-up the T509 -- giddy up.

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