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Helio's media services

Ryan Block, @ryan

That MySpace and Yahoo integration wasn't the only thing Helio rolled out for their user media services today; in addition to the leaned MySpace interface and customized Yahoo services portal, Helio users with the All-In Membership will get a slew of other things to keep them occupied when constantly fidgeting with the Kickflip's hinge. There's Helio On Top (H.O.T.) access, which is a simple 10-channel news and info aggregation feature, MMS picture and video messages, which can be sent up to 1MB per; free streaming video from major networks like MTV, Comedy Central, ABC, etc., $2.49 music video downloads (uh, what?), and of course those purchased, "gifted," or "begged" games, which are going for $5.99 to buy, or $0.99 to "rent" on your phone for a week. (The gifting and begging thing isn't only limited to games though, and can be applied to any purchasable content as well.) Not a whole lot in there that we're super interested in, ourselves; but you know us, we're more the Bluetooth DUN, A2DP, SlingPlayer, data overload types more prone to exploring mobile media on our own than holding a carrier's (or MVNO's) hand.

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