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Acer's AL1951D 2ms gamer monitor

Ryan Block, @ryan

Gamer display makers are shaving down like an Olympic swimmer to get those crazy pixel response times, and soon enough we'll be measuring in nanoseconds. But until we're there, we're still going to have to deal with millisecond measurements, as in Acer's new AL1951D gamer monitor, successor to their AL1951C. This one keeps the same 1280 x 1024 pixel count, cuts the pixel response in half to 2ms, drops the brightness from 400 cd/m2 to 300 cd/m2, and ups both the contrast ratio to 1,000:1 from 700:1 and the price to $379 from $359 (MSRP, of course). Certainly not worth it for everyone when you can have a decent and somewhat larger widescreen for about the same or even less, but these are the sacrifices gamers are expected to make for their art.

[Via Bios]

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