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Apple patents audio user interface


Another day, another Apple patent filing. This time, Apple calls dibs on an "audio user interface for computing devices." Nothing new right? Afterall, we've had audio assisted navigation for years. The system described however, uses the relative power of a host system to auto-generate audio tags from text strings which can then be played by a hand-held device such as an "MP3 player, mobile phone, or PDA." Still not following? Ok, imagine a system whereby your PC or Mac automatically converts the metadata stored on your iTunes Music Store purchases -- you know, song or video title, artist, album, episode, etc -- into audio tags which are then synch'd to your video iPod, iPhone, or Apple handheld via iTunes thereby allowing you to find and play your favorite song, playlist, whutevah without ever looking at the device and straining your eyes. And since this could likely be a software only enhancement to existing Apple 'ware, implementing it could be just be a free, point-release upgrade away... hear that display-less Shuffle owners?

[Via Unwired View, Thanks Staska]

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