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Sony's DCR-SR100 disk-based camcorder reviewed


Remember that hot Sony DCR-SR100 disk-based Handycam we first set eyes to at CES? Yeah, the one with a 30GB hard disk, 3.3 megapixel sensor, 2.7-inch touch-screen LCD, and 5.1 Dolby Surround Sound recording -- that one. Well, CamcorderInfo laid fist-to-product and inked a full review for our consumption. JVC may have been first to market with a hard disk recorder, but the review claims the SR100 is the first to produce "good video." In fact, they say it blows those JVC MG70 and MG77 modesl with MOD file format recordings (Sony goes MPEG-2) "out of the water." Granted, the SR100 still isn't quite up to the quality of MiniDV-taped recorders but the gap is no doubt, "closing quickly" which is good news indeed. Sure, the cam suffers from only a few manual controls and the reviewer doesn't like the Sony touch-screen interface which makes handling the unit a problem. Still, the camera is an easy to use, point-and-shoot camcorder for all your baby, uh, shooting needs. We'll just have to wait and see how it holds up to that mysterious 3CCD JVC GZ-MG505 before getting ourselves in too much of a tizzy over this $1,000-ish camcorder.

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