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What's in the Engadget swag bag?

Ryan Block, @ryan

Ever wonder what kind of swag Engadget writers tend to get attending all those press conferences, media revues, and promo cocktail parties? Well, you'd be surprised by the fact that it's not often good -- but we do tend to amass a huge amount of promo stuff (including the occasional real product). Since we can't give away all this stuff one at a time, we're giving away a collection of it.

First person to guess one of the goodies in the Engadget swag bag wins it and its, uh, "bounty" of contents. It's kind of like the grand prize winner going home with a fat load of crappy parting gifts -- about 25 pounds by our rough estimate. It's big and heavy, so we ask only US residents to enter -- and you can only enter once (i.e. one guess), no cheating! (Yes, we're checking thoroughly to ensure fairness -- members of the press are not allowed to win!) You have to be specific -- you can't just say "a press kit!" or "a flash drive!" and expect to take this wretched abomination of media relations home. If no one can guess something that's inside it by noon EST tomorrow we're going to pick a someone at random who entered, and ship it to 'em anyway, whether they want it or not.

Ready? Start guessing what's inside the bag, and be prepared to be underwhelmed by the swagginess of it all.

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