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Gigabeat S shipping May 15?

Marc Perton

We've been waiting for a chance to pick up a Toshiba Gigabeat S media player since we first got a chance to check it out at CES in January. And now it looks like the wait may soon be over. While Toshiba has yet to officially announce a US rollout, Engadget reader One.Person pointed us to HIDEF Lifestyle, which has the model available for preorder, with a ship date of May 15th. Of course, it could just be a ploy to bring in pre-orders, and we should point out that Amazon -- which is usually a pretty accurate source -- has the Gigabeat S listed with a May 30th ship date. Hey, after waiting since January, either date is fine with us, though we wouldn't mind getting our hands on this before Memorial Day, so we can break it out as soon as we open the Engadget beach house.

[Thanks, One.Person]

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