Toshiba Gigabeat S previewed

Looks like we aren't alone in our jones for the March release of the Toshiba Gigabeat S Series. CNET needs their fix so bad that they published a preview of the new player sportin' Microsoft's Portable Media Center software. The praise comes in heaps for Toshiba's ability to deliver the "brilliantly simple" PMC software in a compact form factor. They also dig on the player's range of supported audio and video formats which includes DivX, its support for WMA subscription services like MTV's upcoming Urge, and compatibility with TivoToGo, Media Center recordings, and that new all-you-can-eat Starz Vongo subscription movie download service. However, CNET feels the screen and controller are just "decent" and the small buttons along the side are "confusing" causing some practice to master navigation. We share their hopes that the Gigabeat S might finally be a successful PMC device.