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New York parents not so hot about school phone ban?


With the recent crackdown and enforcement of the school cellphone ban in NY, parents are fighting back with a measure to lift the ban, much to the chagrin of Schools Chancellor Joel Klein. A parents group has collected 1200 signatures and a city councilwoman plans to introduce a resolution next week to end the ban. Joel Klein is staunchly opposed, saying kids are text messaging, going on the Internet, cheating on tests and generally having way more fun than they should be having in school (we added that last bit). He's looking into solutions to block phone signals, remove batteries, or check phones in upon arrival to school, but everything proposed so far is too cost prohibitive. Parents would like their kids to have phones so they can track them on the way to and from school, as usual. Sounds like a good time is being had by all, and we're sure all differences will soon be put aside in order to do what's best for the kids.

[Via The Wireless Report]

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