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Microsoft confirms USB HD DVD for Xbox 360

Marc Perton

If you've been following this story even a little bit over the last few months, you probably won't exactly be shocked to hear that Microsoft is going to roll out a USB HD DVD drive for the Xbox 360. But if you're tracking the ongoing format war between HD DVD and Blu-ray, you should check out Microsoft's announcement anyhow. What's unusual about this release is that you won't find any rhetoric about HD DVD being superior to Blu-ray -- or even a ghost of Bill Gates' earlier comments that the latter format was "anti-consumer." Instead, Microsoft calls the quality of the two formats "a wash in terms of video quality," and declares that the main difference between the two is pricing. We assume that means the 360's HD DVD drive will be a bargain. Unfortunately, that's one detail Microsoft has skipped, preferring to "save that good news for another day." Like maybe the day after the PS3 -- which will have a Blu-ray drive built in -- gets its official price?

[Via Joystiq]

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