Latest PS3 pricing and release "news" - early November, for $399

Sure, the latest unofficial news on the Playstation 3's release date and pricing doesn't differ substantially from what we've already heard. But a little more reinforcement doesn't hurt, right? So, we'll assume for now that the team at PSM have at least some idea of what they're talking about when they say that the PS3 will be out in "the first half" of November, and will be priced at $399 in the U.S., €322 in Europe and ¥45,965 in Japan (arbitrageurs, fire up your calculators now). That pricing will no doubt come as a relief to anyone who panicked at this month's €599 scare -- and an early November release could give Sony a jump on the Black Friday shopping frenzy. And this is probably the last PS3 rumor we'll hear -- at least until we hit E3 next month, that is.

[Via Joystiq]