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PlayStation 3 launch details emerge from E3

Adams Briscoe

The news regarding the long-awaited launch details of the PlayStation 3 is sweeping the community. We've finally got the facts that we've been craving for all this time. Like a malnourished puppy, press attendees engulfed the Sony keynote and took away everything they had to say.

Here's the rundown: The PS3 is slated to hit Japan on November 11th, then making its way to the States six days later for the ripe price of $500 and $600. We hope you've been scrimping and saving. It comes in two flavors: the 20GB and the 60GB.

By the end of March next year, Sony plans on having shipped six million units around the world. But with two million consoles readied to supply three major territories at launch, we can bet on a shortage to some degree. Were you satisfied with the information that came out of the Sony keynote?

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