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Sony shows off the real PS3 controller

Marc Perton

We really had gotten used to the boomerang, so we have to admit we felt something of a void when Sony confirmed last month that they were yanking the prototype design and would unveil the real PS3 controller at E3. And unveil it they did, as part of the PS3 dog-and-pony show this evening. Yeah, we're kind of underwhelmed, too. Still, despite its resemblance to past Sony controllers, it does have some solid features, including X-Y-Z, pitch, roll, yaw and lateral motion detection, and Bluetooth for wireless play. And chances are the learning curve of switching from the PS2 controller to this one will be all of about five minutes.

Update: Sony has confirmed that the new controller will not have vibration functionality, unlike the Dual Shock, Dual Shock 2 and the Xbox 360 and Nintendo Wii controllers. They claim this has to do with interference of the motion sensing, but we have a sneaky feeling that this could have something to with those lawsuits that started all that "boomerang" musing in the first place.

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