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First impression: Too Human for Xbox 360

Adams Briscoe

At the Microsoft reception today after their event, the press was given an opportunity to get their hands on some Xbox 360 titles before the show floor opens up. I managed to score some hands-on time with Silicon Knights' Too Human, and so far it looks pretty good.

They didn't go into the story too much, but as fans know, you follow a cybernetic god with some pretty badass abilities. This game is part of a trilogy, so gamers won't be hard pressed for depth when this hits store shelves.

Despite only being about halfway done so far, the build they made available was enough to get a take on the overall mechanics. Two levels were on display which showed off some good environments with even better effects. The two elements that stood out were the main weapons: the sword Fenrir and the staff.

Keeping in tune with the dual goodness was a pair of guns triggered by the shoulder buttons that allows you to brandish at any time and blow away oncoming enemies. Whereas the left analog controls movement, the right analog stick lets you to attack with the sword, throwing your character at the enemy while slicing through the air. This method of play is very important as it enables gamers to sync up combo moves or air juggle with enemies (helpless bodies have never been so fun!).

The more enemies you kill, the more your primary weapon gauge goes up. Once it peaks at a certain level, you can tap a button and initiate a "super move" as they told us (clearly a tentative name). This wasn't totally unlike Dynasty Warriors as the enemies would blindly walk into your raging attack without so much as a second thought. Hopefully Silicon Knights will add some more intuitive baddies with a little more brains before the end.

Keep in mind the game still has a while to go, but so far it looks promising.

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