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Microsoft Xbox 360 event pre-game coverage!

Ross Miller

We're en route now from Nintendo. Little factoid: Years past 5000 people capacity. This year, 1000 people.

2:11 pm
- So we're in Grauman's Chinese Theater. This is by far the best venue of the three. Majestical, red, Chinese, comfortable, cool: this space also probably cost the most of the three. We ain't raggin' on Microsoft. If you got it, flaunt it.

2:18 pm - Microsoft's pre-conference screen stream is far more active than either Nintendo's or Sony's. It's that mosaic of beautiful people that we all remember from the launch campaign. Just for fun, here are the details on that print campaign: The agency behind the campaign was McCann Erickson/72andSunny, and the photography was handled by Christian Weber. Amani King served as Art Director.

2:22 pm - Now on screen: 3D text zooming around. Gamertags, game last played, zone, gamerscore and motto. A palimsest of gamer mottos: "4 for only," "Chelsea Rules," "Which one am I again/," "You're stewed buttmunch," "kekekekeke," "Too loud? You're too old." The Joystiq gamertag was displayed on screen, but they edited out our motto which was "" Update from the hosts: the show will begin in 10 minutes.

2:33 pm - The gamertag zoom thing is still onscreen. It's Microsoft's way of giving props to media who've tended to cover the console. We're recognizing other gamertags of other bloggers on the screen, and we're also seeing some of the oldschool game media names up there as well. Here are a few: Kikizio, Godfree, etoychest, bldipert, Gizmo, Jabba the Cuck, Synthpop, goes2eleven, KorBlair, ceding, Bastelyon, Babylocks, cr42y p, Sore Thumbs, Thoom, Franck, Hurt Motor, freakyfrank, ykmky, Phantom Mare, Jaysay, Stinki Wan, Miss iRiE, Hasta Razzola, The Boognish, Snowbody, Mindslinger, AcdBulls, Darth Chad, Carls Sr, Safety Monkey, Number 25, Packwolf, JaDW, Vince Majestic, Babylocks.

2:39 pm - More gamertags: kalter, Firme, Louie the Cat, Vidgames, inventor, hachimaki, Packwolf, bldipert, E Storm, RLIINews, BIGVIP, gameslice, scout, DariusMaine, thostenkuchen77, Vortec, litheon, JanXbox, Boid, HuRt MoTor, Rhyze XUG, Duedi, madmarvin, Puff Davey, buckstop, fatjoe, zacXM, Giobas, ice, migsundance, Skywatcher, bldipert, S4Lee, ragas, Wsv771, Falcon GN, ChRoM at, Bremery, Klazxor, MrSock, Final Edge, Scientific Ninja, Almasy, AcdBulls, Rinzai, Plays, hammersuit, Jupiter123.

That's it -- the music's been cut. We're starting the show now.

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