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Nintendo's Wii event pre-game coverage!

Ross Miller

11:05 am - We're live at the Kodak Theater in downtown Hollywood, it's the usual who's-who of the videogame journalism world. We actually just saw Miyamoto cruising around amongst the herd, but we heard he vanished down a warp pipe.

11:25 am - The crowd's obviously getting a little anxious. We're just a few of minutes away now.

11:29 am - We're shuffling in now, about to find our seats. Stay tuned as we get prepped and ready to liveblog.

11:46 am - We're in, standing in holding. They've admitted us to the teater but they're not yet seating. More to come.

12:05 pm - Still waiting ... no word yet when the delays will end and we can get seated but they have some video feeds in the hall and it looks like it shouldn't be long. Looks like Microsoft is going to have delays of their own, being that almost all of the press here is going to head over.

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