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Dell's design concepts for XPS M1710

Sarah J. Gim

Adams already mentioned Dell's gaming desktop that is part of their efforts to re-invigorate PC gaming for them. Dell is hoping to "up the cool factor over the next couple of years," particularly with several design concepts for their mobile gaming system, XPS M1710. Dell execs presented four designs, one of which is based on the fiery Renegade System that was unveiled at CES earlier this year; "True Fire" laptop is done by the same artist. 

Dell asked us for feedback on the four concepts, which also included "Acid Green," "Alien Invasion," (alien invasion, huh?)and "Blue Skullz." Everyone sounded positive for the most part, though I did overhear something about Trapper Keepers. They are looking for general feedback from the public on their website

I also inquired about designs that would be geared toward girls. "You mean like pink? Floral?" Uh, oooookay.

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