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Sony's E3 booth tour


Sony's "booth" was quite unlike Nintendo's carefully planned Wii area, and more like an expo unto itself. With PSP, PS2 and of course PS3 displays all competing for the square miles of floor space, the place was a zoo, but also held an impressive managerie of kiosks harboring playable titles. The PS3 games themselves were powered by late-release dev kits that were clearly displayed behind glass, and the titles sure looked pretty at those high resolutions, even if they were a bit PS2-ish in their controls and gameplay. Warhawk was of course the exception, and there were plenty of people waiting to get a shot at the action. We captured most of the chaos to share with you, so click on for the shots.

We found Waldo, can you?

There is no man behind the curtain.

That controller looks familiar.

Sony's "these are just a bunch of people playing a PSP on the Subway" was quite entertaining, though we missed the smell of our one back home.

We're not going to lie, PS3 graphics are teh sexy.

This is to disorient you before you enter the booth so that you're confused and end up waiting in line to play lame PS2 games. It worked on us for a good 15 minutes at least.

No, they weren't on.

Ryan gets some play time with Heavenly Sword.

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