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LAPD at the PS3 booth

Vladimir Cole

We were puzzled to see a heavy Los Angeles Police Department presence at the Sony booth. It's hard to be sure, but there appeared to be at least four officers present.

Joystiq: So what's with the heavy police presence at this booth? None of the other exhibitors have a police presence.

LAPD: "Well, [pause] there's a lot of valuable equipment here on the floor," he says, never taking his eyes off the the show floor as he answers the question.

Joystiq: "Why would Sony hire police instead of regular security guards?"

LAPD: "Because we're a lot better at what we do."

Joystiq: But, you know, you guys are paid for via tax dollars. So I'm paying taxes to have you protect a bunch of PSPs?

LAPD: Well, some of us are off duty. Sony hires us. We're very expensive. [emphasis ours]

We can't tell if he's covering his gun out of embarrassment or if he's keeping his piece warm and ready so that he can whip it out and yell, "drop that PSP, perp!"

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