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UK T-Mobile sez no to VoIP

Ryan Block, @ryan

Got UK T-Mobile's Web 'n' Walk Professional laptop 3G service? Well, you better beware about your data use -- even though you're paying a flat rate fee for your service, you're likely to cross the TOS line by going over 2GB of data per month, especially if you use two services they specifically cite in prohibition: VoIP and IM. VoIP, well, that's something that due to latency issues you probably won't consume a lot of on your 3G connection, but IM? We're having a hard time imagining why they wouldn't want you instant messaging with your laptop -- how about web browsing, want to axe that too? So be aware that if the "use of Voice over Internet Protocol and Messaging over Internet Protocol [over the service]... is detected, T-Mobile may terminate all contracts with the customer and disconnect any SIM cards and/or Web 'n' Walk cards from the T-Mobile network." Guess that's better than being charged insane prices per byte of "overage" on flat data services like we've heard of happening in the US, but don't say we didn't warn you.

[Via The Reg]

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