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PlayStation 3 UI revealed to be PSP-like

Sony was showing off the PlayStation 3's top level interface in what appears to be a private demo during E3. The UI obviously borrows its appearance from kid sibling, the PSP, with some new console centric tweaks: there's a "Users" menu, a web browser with some impressive (albeit very Mac OS X-looking) features, and "Friends" support for voice and video chatting, oh yeah, and gaming.

It's a sleek-looking piece of work (as is customary for Sony) but let's hope the thing scales well from the start. With the copious amounts of functionality being bundled into Sony and Microsoft's next-gen offerings, scalability should be central to the design. Of course, this is something Microsoft is (hopefully) rectifying right now in the 360's Dashboard (right guys?).

There's another video after the break showing off a nearly identical demo via We include it for thoroughness.

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