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MacBook is here, and it's black


Ah, ThinkSecret. You told us we'd get a MacBook on a Tuesday, but not which Tuesday. Regardless, the MacBook has landed, and it's pretty cool.

The MacBook Pro's younger sibling features a Core Duo Intel processor at either 1.83GHz or 2.0GHz, FrontRow (and remote), a built-in iSight, a 13.3 inch "glossy" display that Apple says is "...79% brighter with 30% more viewing area" than the now defunct iBook. The Magsafe power adapter is also included, as well as a latch-less, magnetic closing mechanism. As for graphics, you'll find an Intel GMA 950 graphics processor with 64MB of DDR2 SDRAM shared with main memory. Finally, Airport Extreme is built in as well.

There are three pricing options: The 1.83GHz (combo drive) and 2.0GHz (Super Drive) models are available in white for $1099US and $1299 for starters. If you want black, you're going to need to come up with $1499US. For the extra two hundred bucks you get black paint and a larger hard drive (80GB @ 5400 rpm vs. 60GB at the same speed). But really, who is going to buy a white one?

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