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Pure Digital's Point & Shoot Video Camcorder reviewed

Evan Blass

We have a friend who will try to put a positive spin on something by describing it as "good for what it is," and that seems like an apt way to describe Pure Digital's non-disposable version of their disposable Point & Shoot Video Camcorder, which sounds like it delivers on its promise of mediocre footage for super-cheap prices. Both CNET's Gadget Blog and the St. Paul Pioneer Press took the PDP&SVC through its paces, and come to basically the same conclusion: you get what you pay for. Obviously $100 isn't going to buy you great quality optics, so the only thing cheapskates budget-conscious consumers really have to gripe about is the lack of any expansion options, because sometimes 30 minutes just isn't enough time to capture priceless family moments in full, grainy, VGA glory.

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