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NYC police warn of cellphone guns

Marc Perton

We've been seeing warnings about guns disguised as cellphones for so long that we long assumed the weapons were urban legends akin to the stories about telemarketers building a database of cellphone numbers and Bill Gates sharing his fortune. Turns out, however, that the guns do indeed exist, and apparently originated in Europe around 2000. And now, according to the New York Police Department, they may be making their way across the Atlantic. According to the New York Post, The NYPD has issued a warning about the hidden weapons, and has circulated a description of them to station houses. There's no word that any of the weapons have actually been seen in NYC, but police are being told to be on the lookout for them at locations such as courthouses. So, if you're heading downtown for jury duty and don't want to endure getting your brand new Walkman phone taken apart because it looks suspicious, you may want to just leave it at home. Oh, and Bill, we're still waiting for our check.

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