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HD DVD Forum working on region codes and China-only format

Ryan Block, @ryan

Well, the 34th DVD Forum Steering Committee meeting occurred two days ago in Seattle, but it wasn't just the usual hum drum logo approvals and plans for world living room domination. This time they approved two working programs which could be very interesting in the coming months and years: the first calls for development of a spec and region map, and the enforcement of region codes for HD DVD video discs -- where there currently is none (much to the benefit of most consumers, and to their advantage over Blu-ray). It's yet to be finalized and pushed through for future revisions of the HD DVD spec, but don't be surprised if your net-connected HD DVD player all of a sudden obtains the region code "feature." Oh, and the Steering Committee notes also make mention of developing "physical Specifications for China only HD DVD-ROM format." Ok, guess they weren't just gonna lie down on the EVD and VMD issue after all -- but what, no plans to tackle VCDHD in the Ukraine? Eh, anyway, we'll keep you posted on developments.

[Via The Reg]

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