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LG's 4x Blu-ray burner: GBW-H10N


Just when we were getting used to Pioneer's Blu-ray recording drive, LG has announced one that, on paper at least, blows it away. Like Pioneer's drive, it only supports burning to single-layer (25GB) Blu-ray discs, but it ups the speed from 2x to 4x for burning and playback. Also unlike the Pioneer, it will read and write to CDs. Only BD-R discs get the extra speed however, with rewritable BD-REs still limited to 2x recording. This drive is slated to hit in the summer at a cost of €799 ($1020 USD). With dual-layer (50GB) Blu-ray media slated to become available this summer, we have to wonder when we sill see a burner that can use it.

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