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UK to pay about the same for Wii as US, Japan

Ryan Block, @ryan

When Sony announced that $600 price point for the PlayStation 3, it was a spicy meatball, but their €499 / 599 European price was an even tougher sell, and their eventual supposed £425 (~$800 US) UK sticker was the icing on a very vexatious cake -- the more we found out about their launch prices, the more it pained us. Looks like Nintendo's not gonna be following in Sony's footsteps though, at least not in Europe. They let GamesIndustry know that the "UK pricing will be in line with Japan and the US," for the Wii, which GI took to mean that with VAT, the UK might expect to pay about £150 (about $279 US). Yeah, it's a little higher than the US and Japan -- and it usually is -- but it's certainly not the multi-hundred-dollar price penalty for living on the Soggy Isles Sony's apparently intending to excise, that's for sure.

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