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It has a name: "ringxiety"

Chris Ziegler

We've all had it happen. You're on the bus, or maybe in a crowded restaurant. Suddenly, the [Nokia/Cingular/T-Mobile] ringtone emanates from somewhere. Ten people (or ten teens, as the case may be) reach into their pockets and purses, but only one emerges the lucky recipient of a phone call. Psychologists, anxious to get cracking on a therapy and medication regimen for the problem, have coined the term "ringxiety" to describe the phantom ringtone phenomenon -- the sensation that your phone is ringing when it is not. If we're to believe the quacks, ringxiety originates from an innate need to feel popular. When the BUZR comes to fruition, we predict we're going to see just as many folks desperately avoiding phone calls at all costs.

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