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Oppo's upconverting DV-970HD DVD player


Oppo's just announced a new upconverting DVD player, the DV-970HD, featuring HDMI and a very reasonable $149 price tag. The player will convert standard DVDs up to 720p/1080i and can output a native 480i/576i resolution over HDMI. Sure, it's no match for HD-DVD or Blu-Ray, but we're guessing most of you aren't ready to trade in your DVD collections just yet. In fact, the player should play just about anything short of HD or Blu-Ray, including DVD-Audio, SACD, DivX, and XviD -- we remember when all that format support used to cost you a grip. It's also both PAL and NTSC compatible to boot, and includes a 4-in-1 flash memory reader and a USB interface. And did we mention it's only $150?

[Thx, Dustin]

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