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Sima's Hitch allows USB devices to share files

Evan Blass

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Transferring digital files between disparate hardware no longer has to be such a chore thanks to a new Mass Storage- and Picture Transfer Protocol-compliant offering from Sima Products called Hitch (model USB-101), which lets you connect nearly any digital camera, DAP, PMP, or flash drive with a USB connection and send single files or entire albums to a like device. Once both products are hooked up, you simply need to choose what you want to send and where you want it to go using Hitch's 2.5-inch backlit black and white screen, and your digital swag starts zipping between devices at USB 2.0 speeds (or USB 1.1, if your gear is a bit pokier). You'll be able to pick one of these up -- DRM-compliance and all -- later this month for about $150.

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