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Sonic Impact K1 brings a 7-inch screen to your video iPod


The fine folks at iLounge have a new iPod guide out, and it looks like they've tracked down quite a few up and coming products to include in their "first looks" section. Most of 'em are just cases for that favored music player, but this Sonic Impact K1 iPod "dock" is quite the exception. The device, which is still in the works, accepts your 5G iPod, offers its own touch sensitve controls, and has a 7-inch widescreen VGA-ish display for when 2.5-inches just doesn't cut it. It should go for around $300, whenever it makes it to stores, and should make for little bit of blissful roadtripping when you don't feel like toting a laptop or squinting for a few hours straight.

[Via Chip Chick]

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