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Apple and RIM partnering for AppleBerry device?


Riiight. As much as we'd love to believe that Apple is partnering with RIM to create some sort of "AppleBerry" device to play music, check email and cook our breakfast for us, we're going to refrain from getting too hyped up about this latest rumor. Just like most of the "juicier" (i.e., rather fanciful and completely unfounded) rumors these days, this one comes from an analyst. Peter Misek, who accurately predicted an RIM/Intel partnerships last year, is to blame for this one, and doesn't really seem to have a lot to back up the idea. He says some senior executives at Intel have recommended the idea, and a few other analysts think it's plausible, but with the tight control both RIM and Apple keep on their hardware and software, we can't really imagine this as the happiest of unions. We hope we're wrong, Peter, we really do.

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