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Sony Pictures announces 4 new titles for Blu-ray, Benchwarmers deets


Sony Pictures has revealed 4 additional Blu-ray titles, scheduled for release on August 15. Black Hawk Down, Sense & Sensibility, Memento and The Big Hit. No word on special features, however the listed price is $28.95. They also updated information on The Benchwarmers, scheduled for day-and-date Blu-ray/DVD release on June 25. It will include the same bonus features as the DVD (commentaries, trailer, featurettes) and retail for $38.95. For comparison, the Blu-ray edition of Underworld Evolution is listed for pre-order on with a list price of $38.95, but selling for $27.29. We'll see how the retail pricing for Blu-ray and HD DVD average out once the titles are actually on the shelves.

Blu-ray is almost here, get your preorders set and your Netflix queue filled.

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