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ASUS announces music-centric J206 phone

Chris Ziegler

ASUS, better known for motherboards and laptops, has been dabbling in the cutthroat cellphone world as of late; their latest offering is the J206 "music phone." In this case, we say "music phone" with giant air quotes because the device ships with an absolutely anemic 60MB of internal flash to its name. Fortunately, you have a MicroSD slot at your disposal, but we have a hard time taking any music-oriented device seriously with this kind of capacity out of the box (unless, of course, you're only interested in bringing a hundred songs with you). Storage issues aside, this looks to be a decent midrange tri-band GSM slider, rocking a pretty standard 220 x 176 display, 1.3 megapixel camera, MP3, AAC, and WAV support, Bluetooth, and iPod-esque touch control for music and basic phone operations. No word on US availability, but without coverage on the 850 band, we're not holding our breath. More shots after the break.

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