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Panasonic Plasma Concierge program

Matt Burns

Panasonic is launching an industry first. Buy one of their plasmas and get a concierge. Well it isn't a personal concierge, but still any type of concierge is better then no concierge at all. whew No seriously, Panasonic is giving the owners of their plasma special services like a 24-hour toll free line for questions about HDTV. It seems that they are not just limiting to tech questions ether but rather how to mount the plasma and use the different features. This program also provides their members with priority service calls and get this, a special card. We are still wonder what that is for but Panasonic has invested over 15 million into this program so we are sure that the card has some special features that still haven't been announced.

Panasonic has launched a site about the program, but it is kind of void of info. They would rather you call an 800 number - 1-888-972-6276

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