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Dragon Invades Stormwind, Hundreds Perish

Mike D'Anna

I've seen a lot of crazy things on the Lightninghoof server, but I never expected to walk outside from checking my bank box in Stormwind to find a huge red dragon in the middle of the Trade District square, killing innocent lowbies by the dozens.

The dragon was Teremus the Devourer, who usually resides in the Blasted Lands. How he got to Stormwind remains a mystery, but people spent a good five minutes arguing about who pulled him there before finally banding together to actually do something about it.

Finally, a militia was formed, the dragon was led to Stormwind Keep, and with the help of the king's guards, was finally killed, but not before leaving literally hundreds of piles of bones in his wake. The streets looked like an undead crash pad for hours afterwards. It was definitely something to see, even if it did mean me missing the fishing contest in Booty Bay again.  I took some pics with my magical medieval camera so the horror would not be soon can see them right here. Me, I can't look anymore....

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