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Trak-kit flat-screen solution

Matt Burns

So you just got a flat-screen a need a way to hang. But you don't want that same style that your buddy down the street is using. You need something unique. Well, Trak-kit has your ticket friend. Their system allows people endless possibilities for their flat-screen TVs. If you can dream it, Trak-ket can build it for you. They say the only limitation for length is the signal in the cables, but they even offer a solution for this. Since HDMI cables start to loss signal after 50 feet, Trak-kit can utilize a Crestron Cat-5 system to extend this to 500 feet. The track can even be hid in your ceiling for a truly, custom install package. Plus, you can hang your front/center speakers on a custom bracket and don't worry about the extra weight; Trak-ket can hold up to 500 pounds. They have some cool demos here that really show off the versatility of the system. The only downfall we can see is that is is not powered by remote; yet. They are working on it and should be available in '07.


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